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Red Letter Summer

When my friend Julie Thomas asked me if I would do a Bible study with her this summer, I had no idea I would cry for two hours last week. 

We're studying the words of Jesus in the book of John for eight weeks this summer.  It is SO good to (1) dig into the Word, (2) study with friends, (3) not have an overwhelmingly time-consuming study because summer is BUSY, and (4) to read, ponder, meditate on, and drink in the Red Letters.

When I was a little girl, I would take my Daddy's Bible from his night stand.  I would go into our backyard in Benton, Louisiana, and sit on the swing my Daddy had painted forest green.  I would sit and gently hold his Bible.  And I would always open up to the book of John and stare at the pages that had the most red letters, tenderly running my hand across the pages. 

I don't know how I knew, but I knew.  The red letters are words of life from Life Himself.

Last week, it was my week to write the Bible study for this week.  I had thought it would be rather easy (like I always do about everything - until I jump in:).  When I began to try to write, I began to cry.  I cried every time I tried to write.  All I could think was - who am I to try to write a Bible study?  These are the most important words ever spoken - how can I try to explain or unpack them?

I was a mess.  But my husband and Julie both encouraged me.  I pressed on.  I begged God for help.  I read the chapters over and over.  I asked the Holy Spirit to illuminate what He wanted me to focus on.  I wrote pages of notes.  And then I began to type...

When it was done, it was over 1200 words (it was an 800-word-limit assignment)(yes, I am and have always been "wordy").  So I edited and re-wrote.  And cried some more.

The study of John 10, 11 and 12 (that I wrote while crying in a cabin near Estes Park) posted yesterday.  Here is the link to read my offering.

If you have time, please read what my friends wrote over the past three weeks.  We would be honored if you would continue this journey with us through the book of John for the next 4 weeks.  His Words always have and always will bring life.

I'm going to go get my Daddy's Bible (that I now keep on my nightstand) and take a picture for you of the red letters pages I loved as a child...

With much love - Lis


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